Unixism: Of consoles and blinking cursors

  • Free-threaded CPython

    From Ralf Gommers: You may be wondering by now what “free threading” or “free-threaded CPython” is, and why you should care. In summary: it is a major change to CPython that allows running multiple threads in parallel within the same interpreter. It is becoming available as an experimental feature in CPython 3.13. A free-threaded interpreter…

  • State of Text Rendering 2024

    From Behdad Esfahbod’s blog: In this survey paper, I cover advances in the OpenType standard and the Open Source text stack and applications since 2009. I also discuss the future advances currently underway. In broad strokes, OpenType added support for color fonts, variable fonts, and the Universal Shaping Engine. The Free & Open Source stack…

  • API Nepotism

    Continuing on the topic of funding an alternative browser engine, Luca Casonato’s X post talks about a related concern: 🙄

  • “I’m Funding Ladybird Because I Can’t Fund Firefox”

    From Jack Kelly’s blog: TL;DR: Chrome is eating the web. I have wanted to help fund a serious alternative browser for quite some time, and while Firefox remains the largest potential alternative, Mozilla has never let me. Since I can’t fund Firefox, I’m going to show there’s money in user-funded web browsers by funding Ladybird instead. You…

  • ViperIDE: Web based MicroPython IDE for embedded systems

    Super interesting project. It’s open source, but there’s also an online version that helps you evaluate it quickly. It already supports boards like ESP8266, ESP32, the Pi Pico and more. Web USB and Web Serial are game-changing technologies.

  • Ladybird Web Browser becomes a non-profit with $1 Million from GitHub Founder

    From Bryan Lunduke’s blog: Why not start with a fork of Firefox is a big question. But, more engines welcome.

  • regreSSHion: OpenSSH RCE Vulnerability

    From the Wiz blog: A signal handler race condition vulnerability was discovered in OpenSSH server (sshd) affecting its default configuration. If an SSH client fails to authenticate within the LoginGraceTime period (120 seconds by default), then the SIGALRM (signal alarm) handler is called asynchronously, but some of the functions that it calls are not async-signal-safe, including syslog(). In…

  • 30 years of FreeDOS

    Andrew Cunningham writing for Ars Technica: Though it’s still being downloaded and used, shifts in PC hardware are making it more difficult to install and run FreeDOS directly on a new PC (called a “bare metal” install, to distinguish between an operating system installed directly on your PC and one that’s being run on top…

  • Larry Finger made Linux wireless work and brought others along to learn

    Staying on the theme of talking about being thankful to people taking out time to write and maintain open source software, here’s Kevin Purdy writing for Ars Technica: Writing software is one thing but a big salute for mentoring others 🫡

  • Neofetch creator archives the project and takes up farming

    I’m thankful for all open source software. Maintaining software isn’t an easy job. In the words of Philip Hazel from the LWN article How free software hijacked Philip Hazel’s life: It’s worth remembering that the effort needed to maintain a piece of successful software over its lifetime far outweighs the effort of writing it in…