Month: June 2024

  • Larry Finger made Linux wireless work and brought others along to learn

    Staying on the theme of talking about being thankful to people taking out time to write and maintain open source software, here’s Kevin Purdy writing for Ars Technica: Writing software is one thing but a big salute for mentoring others 🫡

  • Neofetch creator archives the project and takes up farming

    I’m thankful for all open source software. Maintaining software isn’t an easy job. In the words of Philip Hazel from the LWN article How free software hijacked Philip Hazel’s life: It’s worth remembering that the effort needed to maintain a piece of successful software over its lifetime far outweighs the effort of writing it in…

  • Dealing with CentOS 7’s End of Life

    Joe Brockmeier writing for LWN: CentOS Linux 7 was first released in July 2014, and is due to go end-of-life (EOL) on June 30. By now, anyone who pays attention to such things is aware that Red Hat pulled the plug on CentOS Linux in late 2020 to be replaced by CentOS Stream instead. CentOS Linux 8 support was wound down at the end of 2021 rather than…

  • Chip powering the single use Montreal subway tickets

    From Ken Shirriff’s blog: We owe our advancement as a species to whoever turned complex manufacturing of circuits to mere printing.

  • Two ways to use an LED as a light sensor with Arduino

    From John Graham-Cumming’s blog: If the LED is reverse biased (i.e. connected to a voltage source the wrong way round) then it won’t light up but it will act as a capacitor that charges when light hits it. So the idea is to reverse bias the LED using two digital pins on the Arduino (one…