Dealing with CentOS 7’s End of Life

Joe Brockmeier writing for LWN:

CentOS Linux 7 was first released in July 2014, and is due to go end-of-life (EOL) on June 30. By now, anyone who pays attention to such things is aware that Red Hat pulled the plug on CentOS Linux in late 2020 to be replaced by CentOS Stream instead. CentOS Linux 8 support was wound down at the end of 2021 rather than in 2029 as originally stated. CentOS Linux 7 was allowed to serve out its full lifespan—but that EOL is approaching rapidly and there’s no direct upgrade path. Users and organizations looking for a lifeline might want to consider AlmaLinux’s ELevate utility, which allows CentOS users to migrate to alternate enterprise Linux (EL) operating systems.

All that needs to be said about Red Hat’s CentOS changes has been said; there’s certainly no need to rehash that here. However, for many shops, there is still some work to be done. Namely, migrating existing systems from CentOS Linux 7 to something that will support the necessary workloads while still receiving security updates and bug fixes. The CentOS Project does not provide a direct upgrade path from CentOS Linux 7 to CentOS Stream, though Red Hat does provide a tool to migrate from CentOS to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), though that assumes one has a RHEL subscription entitlement to use. That means that quite a few systems are “stuck” on CentOS 7 and are about to stop receiving updates. ELevate supports migrating not only to AlmaLinux, but CentOS StreamEuroLinuxOracle Linux, or Rocky Linux.

EoL is this coming Sunday. You should move away if you haven’t.





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